Social Media Library offers a range of training options to help you and your team with learning and development in all fields related to social media and online PR. This includes:

Training courses

An array of training courses to help you integrate social media fully into your PR, marketing or public affairs activity:

  • Introduction to social media
  • Effectively engaging with bloggers
  • Effectively engaging with Twitter users
  • Integrating social media into PR and marketing campaigns
  • Social media measurement & evaluation
  • How to make money from social media

Bespoke learning & development

Social Media Library offers bespoke training sessions that are designed specifically to your needs. This process is very consultative, with a unique programme of training sessions and workshops created for you.

An initial stage of research and analysis of your business is undertaken prior to commencement of the training process.

Examples of such bespoke training projects include:

  • Different sessions for groups of people at different levels of seniority at your organisation
  • Workshops on specific topics related to social media and online PR – tied closely to the industry sector that you operate in
  • Creative hands-on sessions, applying skill transfer to live projects
  • Business planning to aid integration of social media into your organisation’s growth and development
  • Ongoing team briefing sessions to keep up-to-date on issues and emerging trends