Conservative blogs lead online

The New Statesman has today covered the release of our Politics Online report, to coincide with the launch of Social Media Affairs.


The report provides a full breakdown of how the major political parties are faring in the world of social media. Alasdair Campbell has worked with us to offer his views, which are featured in a foreword at the start of the report.

The full report can be downloaded on the Social Media Affairs site.

Key findings from the report include:

  • Nearly one fifth (19%) of political bloggers are aligned with the Conservative Party, with Labour and the Liberal Democrats at 16% each respectively
  • Adoption of social media amongst Conservative MPs (19%) stronger than Labour (14%)
  • Labour leads significantly on European level, however, with 16% of its MEPs active in social media, in comparison to the Conservatives’ 4%
  • All political parties’ Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) have an exceptionally low presence in social media (Labour: 1%; Conservatives: 2%; Liberal Democrats: 1%)

The report fully details how political blogging is being adopted across the UK, with detailed charts visually highlighting where activity is taking place:



Social Media Affairs has been designed to provide political and public affairs professionals with up-to-date information on the most influential UK political bloggers. Closely broken down by political stance, Social Media Affairs identifies who is driving political comment and debate online.

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